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To file for divorce without fuss and stress, follow 3 easy steps.

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Receive completed forms backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee and a step-by-step guide with further instructions.

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Submit your divorce forms to the court in any convenient way available to you. Notify your spouse about the divorce.

Valid Grounds for Divorce in Franklin County

According to CDC statistics, the divorce rate in Ohio is 2.8 per 1,000 residents.

When filing for divorce in Franklin County, the spouse initiating the case (the plaintiff) must complete a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage and specify a legal reason for divorce, as Family Law provides.

Ohio Revised Code recognizes both fault and no-fault grounds for divorce. To file for divorce based on spousal misconduct, the plaintiff must prove to the court one of the following:


Willful desertion for at least one year;


Extreme cruelty;

Gross neglect of duty;

Habitual drunkenness;

Fraudulent contract;

Getting a divorce by one of the spouses outside of the state, without involving the other spouse;

Imprisonment at the time of filing for divorce.

No-fault grounds for divorce in Ohio are:

Living separately and without cohabitation for at least one year;

Incompatibility, unless denied by either party.


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It’s that simple! What’s more, it won’t cost you thousands of dollars, just $139. Here’s what you’ll get with

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A detailed guide on filing with the court without an attorney

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Get completed divorce forms in just two business days, ready to sign and file with the court!

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William F.
William F.

“Even though we had a simple uncontested divorce, I didn't have enough time to deal with the papers myself. So suited my needs perfectly! They generated my divorce filings in a couple of days, and I didn't have to worry about anything. I just had to print the ready-made documents, file them with the court, pay filing fees, and my divorce started without a hassle.”

Sarah N.
Sarah N.

“I think would be beneficial for anyone arranging a DIY divorce in Ohio. This website helped me get all the required divorce papers completed in only two days and at a much lower cost than lawyers charge for uncontested divorces. Many, many thanks!”

Owen J.
Owen J.

“Legal paperwork always stresses me out, so I found very helpful. Their online questionnaire was simple to navigate, without tricky legal terms, etc. I just had to provide some information about my case, and that's all. Two days later, my unique divorce forms were completed and ready to download from my account.”

Charlotte B.
Charlotte B.

“Thanks to I received my ready-to-file divorce forms online in only two days. And the service was excellent - no stress, no delays, no hidden fees. The Court Clerk approved my paperwork without questions, so I have no hesitation in recommending to others as an affordable and reliable online divorce service.”

Gary G.
Gary G.
Grove City

“Thank you for taking all the paperwork hassles on! All the provided instructions were easy to follow, and I had no trouble completing the online questionnaire. I've already filed my initial divorce forms with the court. There is no way I could have done it so quickly on my own. Thanks again!”

April L.
April L.

“I highly recommend It’s a brilliant service for uncontested divorces. They were prompt and very efficient. I received all my divorce forms in a couple of days, and everything was completed correctly. I simply filed my papers with the court and started my divorce. Good value for the money!”

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Franklin County Courts Address

The Franklin County Court of Common Pleas hears and rules on Juvenile and Domestic Relations cases, including divorce and dissolution.

To start a divorce/dissolution case, the plaintiff must file the Petition and the other initial paperwork with the Franklin County Clerk of Courts Office, Domestic Relations Division.

  • Domestic Relations:
    Franklin County Courthouse

    373 S High St., 4th Floor, Columbus, Ohio 43215

    Phone: (614)525-4410

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